Quiz 1 for section 1 of CSCI 171

You are to complete this exam by 4:05 PM. You will need to use the man command on bulldog.unca.edu to answer most of these questions. files were last modified.

Problem 1 -- 10 points

What option of the ls command can be used to list the times at which files were last accessed?

Problem 2 -- 10 points

What does the information returned by typing the command "uname -r" mean? By the way, the command will print "V3.2".

Problem 3 -- 10 points

What does the '*' character (asterisk) do when typed within a filename argument to a Unix command, as in the command "ls zzz*"?

Problem 4 -- 5 points

What command or commands are used to delete files and directories?

Problem 5 -- 10 points

Consider the following command "cp ~/home5 ~/papers". Assuming the copy command works successfully, there are two possible names for the file target file (the file the command copies to). What are those two names?

Problem 6 -- 5 points

In Assignment 3 you were supposed to look at a file called elephants. Briefly describe the contents of that file.