Quiz 1 for section 2 of CSCI 171

You are to complete this exam by 4:05 PM. You will need to use the man command on bulldog.unca.edu to answer most of these questions. If the output of the man command is being scrambled, type the following command

Problem 1 -- 10 points

What option, or flag, of the du command is used to display the block count in kilobytes?

Problem 2 -- 10 points

What does the information returned by typing the command "uname -m" mean? By the way, the command will print "alpha".

Problem 3 -- 10 points

What does the '*' character (asterisk) do when typed within a filename argument to a Unix command, as in the command "ls miss*ppi"?

Problem 4 -- 10 points

What Unix commands are used to create and remove (delete) directories?

Problem 5 -- 10 points

What command would you type to find all lines that contain the work banana within a file called pudding.recipes?