Quiz 2 for section 1 of CSCI 171

You are to complete this exam by 4:05 PM. You will need to log into bulldog.unca.edu before starting the exam, If the output of your telnet session is being scrambled, type the following command

Problem 1 -- 7 points

Connect to the directory ~brock/171test/zzz.

Write down the command you used to do this.

Problem 2 -- 7 points

Generate a listing of your current (or working) directory.

Write down the names of all regular files (not subdirectories) of your current directory.

Problem 3 -- 7 points

Now list all the subdirectories below.

Problem 4 -- 7 points

Connect to the subdirectory listed in the preceding problem with the longest name. When you get to that directory, type the command pwd and write down the output of that command below.

Problem 5 -- 7 points

This new working directory will have a least seven files. One file contains more characters than all the rest.

What is the name of that file?

Hint: There is one very easy and fast way to find the answer to this question.

Problem 6 -- 7 points

If the largest file, as found in the previous problem, is compressed; how much smaller, in bytes, is the compressed file than the uncompressed file.

Hint: You'll have to copy the file to your home directory to compress it.

Another Hint: Use the -l option of the ls command.

Problem 7 -- 8 points

Name one thing you can do with the regular Unix protection mechanism, as used on bulldog.unca.edu, that cannot be done with the Andrew File System used on the N.C. State EOS systems.