Homework for CSCI 171 -- Fall 1996

Homework #1 -- due 13 September, 1996

This is a two part assignment.

Part 1 -- Getting a UNCA Unix account

Go to Robinson 006 and sign up for an account on the campus Unix "mainframe" bulldog.unca.edu. Send email to brock@cs.unca.edu from this account. If you'd like to see a tutorial on an easy mailer, go visit Susan Reiser's pine tutorial.

Part 2 -- Sending email from eos

Go to Robinson 305 and log into your eos account. Now send email to brock@cs.unca.edu from this account. To find out about eos mailers, go vist the electronic mail page of the eos tutorial.

Homework #2 -- due 20 September, 1996

This is a longish assignment based on Wayne Lang's traditional first Project for CSCI 171. Press here for a description of the project.

Homework #3 -- due 4 October, 1996

Read the EOS tutorials on

Press here for a description of the real assignment.

Quiz 1 -- 7 October (section 1) and 9 October (section 2)

There will be a quiz on the basic Unix commands covered in the EOS documentation you read for Homework #3.

Homework #4 -- due 11 October, 1996

Read the EOS tutorials on

Part 1 -- Using Crisp

This time we'll do one of the real NCSU E 115 assignments. First, be sure you have carefully read Bennett Harris' Crisp tutorial. Now do the practice exercises associated with the tutorial except, instead of parts (13), (14), and (15) to print the file OUTLAB3, email the file to your bulldog.unca.edu account.

Part 2 -- printing files

Login to bulldog.unca.edu and read the file you mailed to yourself in part 1 of the assignment. Now print the file to the line printer rbh006 in Robinson Hall 006.

Quiz 1 2nd chance -- 28 October (section 1) and 30 October (section 2)

It's back!

Yes, this is a chance to raise your score on Quiz 1. A very similar quiz will be given the last week on October. Your recorded score on Quiz 1 will be computed as follows:

So, if you got 45 or higher on your first try at Quiz 1, there is no point in trying a second time.

Homework #5 -- canceled

Due to problems with the nexs license here at UNCA, homework #5 has been replaced by a new assignemt (#7) which doesn't depend on any EOS licenses.

Homework #6 -- due 26 November, 1996

Complete your home page on bulldog.unca.edu. If you haven't already downloaded your picture, you should send email to the instructor.

Your home page should contain at least your name, picture, and a brief justification of your attending UNCA.

For more information about constructing a home page at UNCA, consult Susan Humphrey's on-line handout Personal Home Pages at UNCA

Homework #7 -- due 5 December, 1996

In this homework you'll use a PC spreadsheet program. Press here for a description of the assignment.

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