CSCI 171: ST: Software Tools for Engineering

The instructor for all sections of CSCI 171 is Dean Brock. In CSCI 171 you learn a bit about how the computer techniques used to solve and document engineering problems. The course is targeted at students in UNCA's 2+2 program who plan on transferring to North Carolina State. The course has some resemblance to NCSU's E 115, Introduction to Computing Environments. If you are not in the 2+2 program, you should avoid this course.

CSCI 171 has no prerequisites. Section 1 of CSCI 171 will meet on Monday from 3:15 PM to 4:05 PM; and section 2 on Wednesday from 3:15 PM to 4:05 PM. Both sections meet in Karpen 037, a computer lab equipped with several feeble 486 computers. There is no formal textbook for CSCI 171. The material you'll need for the course can be obtained from either the World Wide Web or on-line tutorials of the programs you'll learn. You'll need an account on both UNCA's central Unix machine,, and the NCSU EOS computers for this class.

In CSCI 171, you'll learn a bit about how to use elementary Unix commands to create and manipulate files and directories and also how to use word processors and spread sheets. CSCI 171 is taught in a semi-independent study format. Every couple of weeks, you'll receive a new assignment. It should take you about five hours to complete each assignment.

You may discuss assignments with your fellow classmates; however, you must perform all the keystrokes required to perform the assignment on your own. Any students turning in identical files for an assignment will be given a zero for the assignment.

Grades will be based on a combination of graded homework and in-class exams weighted as follows:

My office hours are Tuesday and Thursday from 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM. I do frequently read electronic mail and sending a message to my computer account,, is generally the best way to get a prompt response.

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