Closed book section of CSCI 171 final

This section of the final is closed book, closed notes. You have 75 minutes to work on this section.

Question 1 -- 12 points

Name four significant differences between the EOS systems of North Carolina State University and the bulldog computer here at UNCA.

Question 2 -- 12 points

In this question you will be asked how to solve some simple problems in a spreadsheet. First, write in the space below the spreadsheet you are "using" to solve this problem.

Now, suppose that cells B3 through B7 of a spreadsheet contain five numbers. Describe what you would type into cell C4 of your spreadsheet so that C4 will contain the sum of cells B3 through B7.

Describe what you would type into cell D4 of your spreadsheet so that D4 will contain the largest of the values contained in cells B3 through B7.

Finally, describe what you would type into cell E4 to make E4 contain the result of subtracting cell B5 from B6.

Question 3 -- 12 points

Briefly describe what the following Unix commands do:

Question 4 -- 12 points

Give short definitions of the following terms:

Question 5 -- 12 points

The C shell has special ways of interpreting filename meta-characters, such as ~ and *. Describe the sorts of file names or directories that will be matched by each of the following strings: