Turning in Assignments

This memo describes the protocol for turning in assignments in the Fall 1995 CSCI 373. It applies to all assignments completed after 28 November, 1995.

First, create a subdirectory called csci within your home directory.

     mkdir csci

Next, create a subdirectory 373 of the csci directory. Protect this subdirectory so that only you can read the files within it.

     cd csci
     mkdir 373
     chmod go-rx 373

For each assignment, create a new subdirectory of csci/373 called homen. For example, do the following before working on homework number 4.

     mkdir ~/csci/373/home4

Every homework directory created for a programming assignment must contain a Makefile such that "make clean" will remove all compiled object files and executibles, "make all" will recompile and relink your code, and "make print" will print (using lpr) your programs to the default line printer (as defined by the PRINTER environment variable). The Makefile must compile and link all programs to include debugging information, that is, the -g option must be used.

Your "main" module should start with a comment giving your name and the course and homework assignment number for which the program is written. An example comment satisfying this requirement is:

      *   CSCI 373 -- Fall 1995
      *   Homework 4
      *   John Smith

When "make print" is run, this module should be the first printed.

An example Makefile satisfying these requirements is shown below

     CFLAGS = -g

     all:      betn

     betn:          betn.o verify.o userport.o
          cc -g -o betn betn.o verify.o userport.o

          rm *.o betn

          lpr betn.c verify.c userport.c

By the way

Programs are available to all Computer Science faculty that allow them to copy any files that are readable by you and stored under your csci directory.

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