Exam 1 -- open book section -- 9 November

Problem 1. (10 points)

Find a lower bound on the time it takes to transfer a 5 megabyte file across a network that operates at the following times:

This problem is based on problem 2.7 of the textbook.

Problem 2. (10 points)

Suppose a 2000-byte IP packet is to be transmitted across an Ethernet (where the data field is restricted to 1500 bytes). Which fields of the IP headers used to transmit the fragments of this packet are concerned with fragmentation? Also, what are the values of these fields of the fragments?

Problem 3. (5 points)

If the IP address of your computer is, what is your local IP network number if no subnetting is being used?

Problem 4. (5 points)

If the routing tables at the center of the Internet get totally messed up, what prevents packets from roaming the Internet forever.

Problem 5. (20 points)

How should you initialize a socket address structure before sending a datagram to port 7295 of the machine penrose.cs.unca.edu?

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