Exam 1 -- closed book section -- 9 November

Problem 1 (10 points)

The ethernet is a CSMA/CD network. Explain each of these acronyms in two or three sentences.

What is the meaning of CSMA (Carrier Sense Multiple Access)?

What is the meaning of CD (Collision Detection)?

Problem 2. (5 points)

What is the standard bit rate of the Ethernet?

Problem 3. (5 points)

How many bits are in an IP (Internet Protocol) address?

Problem 4. (5 points)

When would you expect a machine to send an ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) packet?

Problem 5. (20 points)

Describe how the following system calls or library routines are used in networking applications:

Problem 6. (5 points)

List one characteristic of the IP (Internet Protocol) specification that belongs to the physical layer of the ISO model.

This question does have a typo.

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