Exam #1 -- September 27, 1993

This is an open book, open notes exam. You may use the Unix workstations, but no email!

Turn in the exam by 12:30 PM.

This is the exam for the daytime section.

Problem 1. (6 points)

What does the -s option of more do? P.S., it's not in the book.

Problem 2. (6 points)

Suppose you are running a job that is reading input from a terminal, e.g.,

egrep Secret

What is the standard character you type to cause an end-of-file to occur on the terminal input stream?

Problem 3. (6 points)

How do you list the man page for kill found in section 2 of the on-line manual?

Problem 4. (6 points)

What happens when you type

rm -i *

in your home directory?

Problem 5. (6 points)

When you press the DELETE key in the middle of typing a command to the C-shell, where is the code that performes the actual deletion of the last character you typed?

Problem 6. (20 points)

Show how to use egrep-style regular expressions to search for

Problem 7. (6 points)

What is the easiest way to connect to your home directory?

Problem 8. (6 points)

Why is it a good idea to run emacs from the background when you are logged into a console using the X Window System?

Problem 9. (6 points)

Where is the protection information for a file stored?

Problem 10. (6 points)

How can you create a file with a link count of 2?

Problem 11. (6 points)

Give a one line command for removing all files whose names contain at least two digits.

Problem 12. (6 points)

Give a one line command for removing all files whose names start with a exclamation point.

Problem 13. (14 points)

Describe how to use the find command to

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