Homeworks #1 and #2

Homework 1 -- Due September 5

Problem 1

Simplify the following expressions using Boolean algebra

Problem 2

List a truth table for the following function:

Now simply the function using Boolean algebra or Karnaugh maps.

Problem 3

Simplify the following functions using Karnaugh maps.

Homework 2 -- Due September 14

Problem 1

Do problem 1-16 (page 38) of the textbook and use diglog to "implement" your design. Save your completed circuit in the file ~/254/sillycir.lgf.

Problem 2

Simulate the following circuit using diglog. You'll need to add the appropriate input and output pads along with the clock input.

J K flip-flop

What is the value on the Q' output of the JK flipflop after the flipflop is clocked for the third time?

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