Handouts for CSCI 201 -- Fall 1990

This index was never used by students of CSCI 201. Years later it was generated, in XHTML format, solely to allow WWW access to these old handouts.

As I recall, ten years after the fact, I wrote these handouts in text files that were given to the departmental secretary to proof-read, correct, and memograph. At this time the only person in the department with a computer was the secretary. Except for the revised schedule and the final exam, all of these files are probably the straight ASCII text given to the secretary. The schduled and final exam was written in WordPerfect and has been saved in Adobe PDF format.

Finally, there is some inconsistency in the handout numbering for the midterm. I assume that midterm was really given between the two homework assignments labeled "Problem 2".

Class handouts

  1. Syllabus
  2. Problem 1
  3. First Problem 2
  4. Second Problem 2
  5. Problem 3
  6. Problem 4
  7. Problem 5
  8. Revised Schedule
  9. Problem 6
  10. Midterm
  11. Final -- closed section
  12. Final -- open section