My Touring Bike

I started with a Cannondale touring frame. It is marked as a T-900 because I bought it from someone who wanted a T-900 using the largest frame that Cannondale sells, but that frame was not available built up, but only as a frame set. He ordered a T-900 in my size and the frame in his size and asked his bike shop to put the T-900 components on his frame and ship the T-900 frame to me. I had a bike shop install a Ultegra headset on the frame set and then built it up with my own components.

Those components include: Softride Stem, Suntour XC-PRO crank, XTR derailleurs (reverse pull on the rear), Suntour Command Shifters, Flite seat, Suntour Superbe levers, XT cantilever brakes, Shimano M535 pedals, Conti TT2000 tires on seven speed wheels built with 36 hole MA2 rims, 15/14 DT spokes, and Alivio hubs. I use a Blackburn lowrider front rack, a Vetta rear rack, Jannd handlebar bag, Nashbar front bags, and Blackburn rear bags. I carry a Combo Master Blaster pump strapped to my seat post and a Z-rest pad and my tent poles bungied to my rear rack. I have a 'slow moving vehicle' warning triangle at the rear.

Both the rack and the seat post have LED flashers and the handlebars have a mount for a Cateye Hl500-II headlight. I use that same mount for my digital camera, an Agfa 1280. That is the camera that took all the pictures on the web pages for this tour.