My tour99 route:

Route Map

Each yellow dot on the Map above represents an overnight (or, in a few cases, longer) stop. I spent 54 days actually bicycling and about ten days visiting along the way. I covered over 4500 miles at an average of roughly 90 miles a day. My longest day was 145 miles from Cheyenne to Lusk WO - it was not wind assisted. My shortest day was 45 miles to from Little Current ON to the ferry on Manitoulin Island. The worst riding was through suburban Nashville and the best (as well as some of the worst) riding was in eastern Wyoming.

The most spectacular scenery was in eastern Wyoming, in The Badlands of South Dakota, at Ten Mile Point on Manitoulin Island, and on the first and last days this tour in western North Carolina. The drivers in Tennessee were the nicest in the US part of the route, but Tennessee also had the most rednecks who yell at bicyclists. The roads in Pennsylvania were, by far, the worst of this trip and the roads in New York were overall the best, although most of the roads I rode in Minnesota on this tour were even better than the ones in NY, a few were bad. Arkansas and Oklahoma were the hottest, but also the friendliest parts, of this trip. Bugs were far worse in Michigan's UP than anywhere else!