Day 6
I left Blackstone early in the morning planning a long day riding to make up for yesterday's short day. I was planning to continue on Bike 1 for the first part of my ride, and I think I did, but I saw no Bike 1 signs. I rode north from Blackstone on Va 614 to Amelia. That was about 25 miles of very nice back roads riding that is on the US Bike 1 route. The last half dozen miles is also on this years Bike Virginia route. I stopped at Powatan's Store for a nice visit with a Tobacco farmer who gave me good advice about where to eat in Amelia and OKed my choice of route.

After breakfast at the only Sporting Goods and Grill in Amelia (Good place. Amelia does have a hotel, but the owner of the grill said he wouldn't want to stay there) I headed to Va 609 which goes north to Powatan County. This requires riding briefly on 340 to get to 609. Ugh! and I think Bike 1 uses 340 for a at least a few miles heading east towards Richmond.

609 become 13 (more traffic) and then 13 becomes 522 when it crosses US 60. Traffic was light to moderate and riding was pretty good. At Maidens I continued across Va 6 onto Madiens Rd (614). When this road intersected Fairgrounds Rd, I turned left and rode a few miles till the road ended at Va 250. Traffic was moderate, but sometimes obnoxious - I was getting too close to Interstate 64 and Richmond. I rode 250 east to the first intersection with 64 which is also the road to Montpelier.

Things improved after I left 250, crossed 64, and headed for Montpelier on Va 617. I actually got a bit lost on my way to Montpelier, but I eventually arrived at US 33 just north of town. I was hoping to find a place to eat in town, but I had to settle for a Service Station/Store/ Eating place/Bank (I kid you not!) at the intersection of 33 and Va 54. I stopped because it was starting to rain, and, after lunch, I waited out a really heavy rainstorm. I headed east to Ashland (12 miles) on very wet roads, planning to join the AC route north from Ashland.

In Ashland I discovered that I couldn't find the AC route! I did find Va 666 (my favorite!) and 668 and 665 and 669, but not 667. So I asked some locals. They didn't know where 667 was, and suggested Ashland Bikes. At Ashland Bikes, the owner said :"Why don't you just head up US 1? It is a lot shorter and quicker!" So I did.

US 1 was not fun, but I'd already done 85 miles of 'fun' back roads, so I was more interested in fast. US 1 was fast and it got me to a very inexpensive motel at Thornburg. You know the kind where folks say: "It is clean." That is about all it is, and my room stinks of tobacco, but it will do. For $32 it is not a bargain. I ate a small store at Cedon which is where the AC bike route crosses US 1. Lots of bike tourist stop there. Tomorrow I'll head for D.C. via, mostly, the AC route.

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