Day 25
My first bad weather day in NS. I left in fog and 60 F in the morning and only occasionally saw my shadow all day. I ended the day with three hours of riding in the rain and fog on the Trans Canadian Highway. Not fun.

The coastal route from Cole Harbor to Aulds Cove was best along the south side of Chedabucto Bay, and pretty boring after that. The hills were getting bigger and some of the views from the hills along the bay were great. I had lunch in Guysbourgh at the Cafe (good) and then rode on through boring hills with occasional light rain. I stopped again for pancakes near the Canso Causeway. When I started across to Cape Breton the rain got heavier and I put on my rain gear while waiting for the bridge to let car traffic through. This was on the Trans Canada so there were lots of cars and big trucks.

The ride from there to St Peter's was, for the most part, fairly miserable. I was very glad to have my rain cape, but riding in it in into a headwind is no fun. Later I was able to remove the cape and that was much better. The fog and rain led me to stay on the main highway which had a mostly rideable shoulder. I used my strobe for the last 15 miles or so of the ride because of the fog. The rain started again as I got near St Peter's, but I was able to find a decent place to stay before the big thunderstorm hit 8^). My room at the St Peter's Hotel was too close to the bar, but I still got a good nights sleep.

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Lighthouse seen from Marine Drive with Cape Breton Island in the background