Day 23

North West Harbor Arm, Halifax

It is about 20 miles from Bayside to downtown Halifax (the ferry terminal). Most of the ride is fairly boring and a bit hilly, but Halifax itself is quite beautiful. The route, Prospect Drive to highway 3 into town, took me past the western arm of the harbor; a long narrow bay with a light house in the distance, a fog bank beyond that and lots of sailboats in the bay. Wow.

The ferry costs $1.50 CD and runs every 30 or 15 minutes depending on the time of day and year. It goes across the bay to Dartmouth. I took route 7 out of Dartmouth, and then cut south to 207 (The Marine Route). If I were doing it again I would leave Dartmouth on 207. Once out of the city, things became remarkably rural as well as cool and foggy. Not much in the way of services, although there was a general store in West Chezzetcook (I spelled that right!) and there are service at Musquodoboit Harbor (ditto) after the Marine route becomes route 7. After Musquodoboit there are no services for more than 30 miles and it is 50 miles to the first town, Sheet Harbor, with places to stay.

I stayed at the Sheet Harbor Motel (OK, more expensive than a B+B), in part because the only restaurants in town (two of 'em) were at the motels, and I really wanted a good sit down meal. I had a good breakfast at the Anchor Post B+B in Bayside, but that was the last hot food I had till Sheet Harbor.

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