European tour012

Tour12 - Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, and back to Germany

Day01: Dalldorf to Hamburg, Germany: A cold day with bad side/head winds make my first day a hard one

Day02: Harburg to Stiepelse, Germany.: An easy, but chilly, day on/near the Elbe

Day03: Stiepelse to Wittenberge, Germany: A nice day on the Elb

Day04: Wittenberge to Gollenberg, Germany: A short day into the wind. I route to Berlin

Day05: Gollenberg to a Hotel 20 km from the center of Potsdam, Germany: Less wind and less cold made for a nice ride today

Day06: Hotel near Potsdam to Berlin, Germany: A short ride to Potsdam and a short train trip followed by an even shorter ride in Berlin

Day07: Berlin to near Czech on the Elbe Radweg using a train to Dresden: A nice day with some minor issues...

Day08: :Near Bad Schadau, Germany to Novy Bor, Czech Republic: Riding across northern CZ is almost as hard as riding in the Alps

Day09: Novy Bor to Jicin, Czech: Going for flat(ter) riding on another damp gray day

Day10: Jicin to Nachod, CZ: Very nice last day in CZ

Day11: Nachod, CZ to Paczkow, PL: A very long - 9:30 AM to 7 PM - day with a LOT of climbing and great riding

Day12: Paczkow to Glogowek, PL: A very different riding day than yesterday

Day13: Glogowek to at a hotel near Mikolow, PL on 44/E75: A good day of riding

Day14: near Mikolow to Krakow, PL: Going back to Kazimierz

Day15: Krakow to Przemsyl, Poland, by train: Saving a few days by not repeating a ride I did a few years ago

Day16: Przemsyl, PL to near L'viv UA: First day in Ukraine

Day17: Near L'viv to near Dobromyl, Ukraine: Riding in the rain

Day18: Near Dobromyl to Dobromyl, Ukraine: A broken rack means a short day

Day19: Dobromyl to near the Polish border on E40 then into Przemsyl. PL: A successful quest for a replacement rack

Day20: Przemsyl, PL to Stryi, UA: This was my only 100 mile day on this tour

Day21: Stryi to about 15 km before Ivano-Frankivisk, UA: A very hard, short day

Day22: From about 15 km before Ivano-Frankivisk to Kolomyia, UA: It was another chilly day, with on and off light rain and very little sun

Day23 Kolomyia to about 25 km north of the Romanian border, UA: A nice riding day in Ukraine

Day24: 25 km north of the Romanian border, UA to Radauti, Romania: Back injury leads to short day

Day25: Radauti to Tirgu Neampt, RO: A, mostly very pretty, day riding in Romania

Day26: Tirgu Neampt to Bacau, RO: A great ride

Day27: Bacau to Focsani, RO: A wind assisted, hot, day riding south in Romania

Day28: Focsina to Urziceni ,RO: Another long, hot, wind assisted, day

Day29: Urziceni to Calarasi,RO: My last day in Romania

Day30: Calarasi,RO to near Venets, BG: My first day in Bulgaria

Day31: Near Venets to Targovishte, BG: Another hot day in Bulgaria

Day32: Targovishte, to 20 km south of Kotel, BG: In the mountains of Bulgaria

Day33: 20 km south of Kotel to Sliven, BG: A short day because of threatening weather

Day34: Sliven to near Chirpan, BG: Heading for Blagoevgrad

Day35: 1 km west of Chirpan to Peshtera, BG: Getting into the mountains

Day36: Peshtera to Vilingrad, BG: A short, very hard, day

Day37: Vilingrad to Razlog, BG: A good day in the mountains

Day38: Razlog to Blagoevgrad, BG: Probably my last day of cycling on this tou

Day39: Getting to Germany from Bulgaria: My train trip with bicycle from southeastern Europe to northwestern Europe