Day 39, Tour 10 Crater Lake, OR

Crater Lake

I took a rest day today and just rode 60 miles, with 3000+ feet of climbing, up to Crater Lake and back. I rode with only food, water, and basic tools - pump, spare tube, patch kit, Leatherman Skeletool. The ride up, and around a bit, took 4 hours and the ride back took 1 1/2 hours ;-}.Tomorrow I'll ride aout half way up again on my way to Oakland, OR. It's too bad I have to do that ride with all my stuff ;-{!

I had planned to ride up, eat lunch at the Rim Village, and come back down. When I found out how much climbing I was going to have to do just to get to the Rim Village for lunch, I inventoried my supplies and decided to ride back and have a late lunch/early supper at the cafe across US 97 from my motel. It is pretty up there and all that, but the Rim Drive is nothing but steep hills and 16 additional miles of riding steep hills just to get lunch didn't make sense to me on my rest day.I have another 100+ mile day tomorrow, so I took it easy today...

Heading west, and up, on OR 138
It is 14 miles to the turnoff for Crater Lake NP

After 6 miles it is starting to climb

The steepest climb after about 8 miles

Looking back from the top of the steepest climb

More climbing, but gentler

The top of the climb at 12 miles

The turn for the north entrance

Maybe five miles of flatish riding

Followed by five mile of pretty steep climbing

Getting chilly up here!

Reaching the rim drive

Pretty lake

Pretty views

Heading back down

Pumice desert, a windy place between the flat and the steep sections

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