Day 29, Tour 10 Idaho Falls to Arco, ID

Now that is a stiff wind!
The wind I rode into getting to Idaho Falls

I expected an easy 45 mile ride to Idaho Falls, so I took it easy in the morning, working on yesterdays web page and and visiting, at breakfast, for a long time with the owner of the place I was staying

When I left, around 10 AM, the temps had warmed up enough for me not to need to put the Subway bag under my left knee warmer, but I still needed my wind vest even when climbing. The head wind was about the same as yesterday and, initially, the road was flat and straight and the riding was easy, if a bit slow.That lasted for three miles. Then the road curved and climbed a bit, heading across the end of the wide valley to a bridge over the Snake River.

Heading towards the Snake River

Crossing the river

On the other side of the river, the road climbs over a small - 100ft? - ridge and comes down to another, smaller valley. On the 4th of July there was lots of, river related, tourist activity in that valley. At the end of that valley, there is another, much bigger, climb. This one is about 500 feet vertical and I'm in my next to lowest granny gear for most of it. At the top of that climb, there is a several mile long plateau followed by a descent to near the river.

The start of the climb
It keeps going for two miles

The plateau

The Snake River after coming down from the plateau

The road continues, curving gradually south and gradually descending with rolling hills to Ririe, At Ririe the road is headed west and the wind had increased and was coming from the south. There is service station with a Subway there, so I stop for lunch.

Leaving Ririe, I ran into road construction ;-}. It was bad riding with lots of dust blowing and I had to get off the pavement many times to let cars pass me. This continued for about seven miles as the road gradually turned to the south. By the end of this, quite unpleasant, section, the wind was strong - 20 mph? - and I was exhausted. I stopped when I got the opportunity for a stress break. Then I ground on into town. It took forever, in that strong wind, to reach the outskirts of town and another forever to actually get into Idaho Falls.

In town, I stopped at a McDs to recover and to check out the motel situation. I had a cup of coffee and two hot apple pies. One of the ladies working at McDs, seeing how wipedout I looked ;-{, came over and asked me if I wanted a refill. I did, but I probably shouldn't have because I had trouble sleeping that night.

Construction, one of the better section where I had the opportunity to take a photo

My bike waiting for me as I tried to recover from the construction

Idaho Falls seems like a nice town, but windy ;-}. Tomorrow I get to do an even windier ride to Arco.

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