Day 22, Tour 10 Holdenville to Moore, OK

The first long horned cattle I've seen on this tour

This morning's riding weather was the most comfortable I've had on this tour. It was cool and sunny, with light winds from the south. The roads were smooth and the shoulder was wide.

Heading for Seminole on US 270

A telephoto shot down US 270 about half way to Seminole
That blue tower is a water tank near Seminole

In the 20 miles to Seminole on US 270, my biggest excitement was remembering the flat tire I got while climbing one of the steepest hills ;-}.

When I reached Seminole, I was looking forward to lunch at the Union Bus Station Cafe. It was gone ;-{, so I settled for a nice sandwich shop downtown. Judging from the number of customers there and the general feel of the town, I think that sandwich shop was the center of social life in the town. After lunch, I headed out of town going south. I meant to be going north. It is good to have a compass!

Leaving Seminole, heading north

Heading for Tecmuseh on OK 9

A pretty farm in the Choctaw Nation

Jim met me just before Tecmuseh. He had a hard time getting me to stop since I didn't expect to meet him for another mile or two. I get into mind sets that prevent me from noticing things that are right in front of me because they aren't part of what I'm dealing with now ;-{. It took Jim three tries to get me to stop since I wasn't expecting to be picked up yet. This is, I think, related to my almost getting caught in the storm yesterday. I really had enough information that, if I'd put it together, would have clued me in that that was the big storm straight ahead, but that wasn't part of my mind set at the time so I didn't realize what I was riding into.

I'm going to be in Moore through Friday, resting and visiting, Then I'll be heading for western Kansas.

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