Day 07, Tour 10 Madison to Seymour, IN

My favorite tombstone in Dupont Cemetery where my father is buried
This man was a machinist and his tombstone is a micrometer ;-}

I rode from Madison to Seymour Indiana today. I rode about 40 miles on this 'rest' day because I didn't want to pay for another night in Madison. I'm staying in the Allstate Inn near Seymour for $60 less than it would have cost me to stay in Madison. The Allstate Inn, at $35 plus tax, isn't fancy, but , other than a couple of very fast flies, It is quite comfortable. I already cleaned up and took a nap in the king sized bed so I know will be comfortable tonight.

The weather forecast is now up to 80% chance of thunderstorms tomorrow, so the flies and I may get to know each other really well. Heh, its cheap, has good fast wifi, and is next door to a Waffle House. It would be a relatively good place for a rain/rest day.

Boyd Rd was one of my destinations today.
I just discovered it existed yesterday

I didn't know it had been on the Underground Railroad
I wonder if it is on the ACA Underground Railroad route?

I had planned to take today off in Madison, but I realized that it would be expensive, my knees were not happy about climbing back up to North Madison, the weather forecast for tomorrow was lousy - 60% chance of thunderstorms - so I might get stuck for an additional day, and all the stuff I really wanted to do was north of North Madison, so, when I left my motel at 11 AM this morning, I headed for IN 7 which intersects US 50 in Vernon, IN, about 20 miles north of Madison. Dupont Cemetery is on 7 half way to Vernon and Boyd Rd, which I think has that name because it goes by where my grandparents farm was, starts on 7 a mile or so before the cemetery.

Boyd Road

Where I think the farm house was.
It is gone now, but it was originally a log cabin built around 1800

IN 7 heading north from North Madison

It was already 80F or better when I headed up IN 7, nut the riding was lovely because that part of the road was shaded, there was a good shoulder, and, because it was 'church hour', there was very little traffic. I was surprised by how much I wanted to get to Boyd Rd and the Dupont Cemetery. I wasn't quite sure which I would reach first or, at that point, if I would go on to Vernon, or back to Madison, after I visited them.

I got to Boyd Rd first, so I headed down it towards IN 250 and Hanover, IN. I can't be really sure that the farm was on that road, but it seems quite likely and the topography of the land, including a creek behind the farm house, matched my memories of the farm. Riding by it was quite a powerful experience. Near the farm, on the other side of the road, was a memorial to a family that was active in the, pre Civil War Underground Railroad. At the other end of the road, on IN 250, was an Underground Railroad Museum.

I rode back up Boyd Rd and continued north to the cemetery. I know my family graves are there because I found them about 25 years ago. Ten years ago, on another bicycle tour, I revisited that graveyard and couldn't find the graves. I had no better luck this time, but I still enjoyed the search. I did find the graves of some of my grandmothers family, but no Boyds.

I continued on up IN 7 to Vernon and North Vernon, hoping for a decent place to eat. All I found, just north of US 50, was a Burger King. I should have ridden on instead of stopping. As it was, I belched all the way to Seymour ;-{!

US 50 heading west

US 50 was mostly easy, if sometimes noisy, riding, but as I rode, the headwind - from the southwest - kept getting stronger and I kept drinking lots of water to try counteract the bad effects of BK food. I was getting in need of a bathroom by the time I got near Seymour and was pleased to spot a McDs where I was able to use the toilet and get some ice for my waterbottle. Then, with that pressure removed, I surveyed my motel and restaurant choices where US goes under I-65. I was happy to spot this inexpensive motel next to a Waffle House. I rarely eat at Waffle Houses because they are typically located by Interstate highways and I avoid those on tour, but they are definitely a cut above the usual fast food fare. After my nap this afternoon, I headed over to the Waffle House for supper. It was good and I look forward to breakfast - and maybe another meal or two - there tomorrow.

If the weather permits, I'll ride on, on US 50, another 80+ miles to Washington, Indiana tomorrow. If not, I'll stay here and catch up on my browsing and sleep ;-}.

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