Day 09, Tour09 Swinoujscie, Poland to Anklam, Germany

I rode about 50 km today, with 30 km on bike paths and small roads between Usedom and Anklam. the first five km was peaceful. The next 15 km was in heavy traffic and felt a lot longer than that last 30. I stopped for lunch and a brief internet session in Usedom and got to Anklam about 2:30 in the afternoon. I briefly debated going on, but the holiday traffic on the highway was incredible and, if I went on, I'd be riding on a road without a bike path or shoulder. The 15 km of that that I'd done before lunch was more than enough reason not to go on.


I didn't sleep as well as usual last night. That probably had to do with the coffee I had with lunch and after supper ;-|}. Breakfast was just OK and the weather was damp and windy. I debated riding through Poland or through Germany and Germany won, although it wouldn't have if I had known how bad the holiday traffic would be ;-{.

After getting some routing advice - "Go the center of town and ask how to get to Anklam." - I rode off in search of the free ferry across the river. I found it in five minutes and, after getting across the river, pretty much remembered how how to get to B110 which goes to Anklam. I did use my GPS to see where I was, and then asked it for a route. The suggested route was nonsense, but the "where am I and what direction am I heading" functionality was just what I needed.

B110 near the Polish border

B110 started out very nicely, but when it reached Zirchow and was joined by the road from the Baltic seacoast, the traffic became heavy. From there to Usedom, riding was "white line with good drivers." It was also a bit hilly and my A-Fib didn't go away so I was sometimes having to push too hard.

Traffic on B110 near Usedom

I got on the back road after Usedom

Some of the back roads were a little bumpy and short stretches were cobblestone

I stopped for lunch in Usedom - overpriced but the only place I could find to eat - and then was able to use back roads and bike paths for the rest of the ride - 30 km - to Anklam. I rode this stretch before, in the other direction. See: That was when I first met my friends at their hotel in Anklam. I came back again last year: coming into Anklam from the south and leaving to the west.

Today - Sunday July 12th - I'm planning to leave on a train to Angermunde which is near the Oder river. That will avoid the holiday traffic and get me close to the Oder radweg which I will ride south.

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