Tour08 - An Eastern European Tour

I'll be starting from Budapest on May 29th, and riding through the Balkans, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Poland and the Czech Republic to Germany and end in Stuttgart on August 4th.

Approximate Routing

Day 00:Budapest, HU

Day 01:Budapest to Kesckemet, HU

Day 02:Kesckemet, HU to Subotica, SRB

Day 03:Subotica to near Beocin, SRB

Day 04:near Beocin, SRB to Between Bijeljina and Tusla, BIH

Day 05:Between Bijeljina and Tusla to Lukovac, BIH, SRB

Day 06:Luckvax to Olovo, BIH

Day 07:Olovo to Sarajevo, BIH

Day 08:Sarajevo to Jablancia, BIH

Day 09:Jablanica to Nuem, BIH

Day 10:Nuem to Trebinje, BIH

Day 11:Trebinje, BIH to near Davilovgrad, MNE

Day 12:Near Davilograd to Kolasin, MNE

Day 13:Kolasin to Rozaje, MNE

Day 14:Rozaje, MNE to near Pristina, KS

Day 15:Near Pristina, KS to near Komanovo, MK

Day 16:Near Komanovo, MK to Kyustendil, BG

Day 17:Kyustendil to Sofija, BG

Day 18:Sofija to Turgovishte, BG

Day 19:Turgovishte to Varna, BG

Day 20:Varna to Kavarna, BG

Day 21:Kavarna, BG to Constanta, RO

Day 22:Constanta to Slobozia, RO

Day 23:Slobozia to Ploietsi, RO

Day 24:Ploietsi to Brazov, RO

Day 25:Brazov to 20 km past Sighisora, RO

Day 26:20 km past Sighisora to Bistrita,RO

Day 27:Bistrita to Sieu, RO

Day 28:Sieu to Baia Mare, RO

Day 29:Baia Mare, RO to Kocsord, HU

Day 30:Kocsord, HU to Trebisov, SK

Day 31:Trebisov to near Poland, SK

Day 32:Near Poland, SK to Near Rzeszow, PL

Day 33:Near Rzeszow to Nisko, PL

Day 34:Nisko to Lubartow, PL

Day 35:Lubartow to Siemiatycze, PL

Day 36:Siemiatycze to near Augustow, PL

Day 37:Near Augustow to near Ketrzyn, PL

Day 38:Near Olecko to near Ketrzyn, PL

Day 39:Near Ketrzyn to Braniewie, PL

Day 40:Braniewie to between Elblag and Gdansk, PL

Day 41:Between Elblag and Gdansk to Koscierzyna, PL

Day 42:Koscierzyna to Fletnowo, PL

Day 43:Fletnowo to Torun, PL

Day 44:Torun to Lubowo, PL

Day 45:Lubowo to Rawics, PL

Day 46:Rawics to Robert Mink's house, PL

Day 47:Robert Mink's house to Szczecin, PL

Day 48:Szczecin, PL to Anklam, D

Day 49:Anklam to Malchin, D

Day 50:Malchin to Butzow, D

Day 51:Butzow to Mustin, D

Day 52:Mustin to Harburg, D

Final Route

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