Planned Route

My Planned Routing

I'll be starting from Lisbon on May 24th, heading north and, as I did last year, ending in Stuttgart at the beginning of August. I'll be visitng friend in Germany, Poland, Slovakia, and Solvenia.

Day 00:My bike and gear ready for the flight to Lisbon

Day 00:Belem, Lisbon, Portugal

Day 00:Cowday, Lisbon, Portugal

Day 00:Downtown, Lisbon, Portugal

Day 00:Museum, Lisbon, Portugal

Day 00:Sintra, Portugal

Day 01:Lisbon to Tomar, Portugal

Day 02:Tomar to Coimbra, Portugal

Day 03:Coimbra to Oliveira, Portugal

Day 04:Oliveria to Appula, Portugal

Day 05:Appulla, Portugal to Redondela, Spain

Day 06:Redondela to Santiago, Spain

Day 07:Santiago to Lugo, Spain

Day 08:Lugo to Vegedeo, Spain

Day 09:Vegedeo to Cudillero Spain

Day 10:Cudillero to Santander, Spain

Day 11:Santander to Bilbao, Spain

Day 12:Bilbao to Castro-Udialles, Spain

Day 13:Castro-Udialles to San Sabastion, Spain

Day 14:San Sabastion, Spain to Magescq, France

Day 15:Magescq to Biganos, France

Day 16:Biganos to Royan, France

Day 17:Royan to La Rochelle, France

Day 18:La Rochelle to Beauvoir-sur-mer,France

Day 19:Beauvoir-sur-mer to Geurtembert, France

Day 20:Geurtembert to Malestriort, France

Day 21:Malestroit to Becherel, France

Day 22:Becherel to D143/N175, France

Day 23:D143/N175 to la Lentilliene,France

Day 24:la Lentilliene to Nogent le Rotrou, France

Day 25:Nogent le Rotrou to Maintenon, France

Day 26:Maintenon to Fleury , France

Day 27:Fleury to le Treport, France

Day 28:le Treport to Wissant, France

Day 29:Wissant, France to Menen, Belgium

Day 30:Wissant, Menen, Belgium to Osstburg,Holland

Day 31:Osstburg to Roosendaal, Holland

Day 32:Roosendaal to Nuland, Holland

Day 33:Nuland, Holland to Borken,Germany

Day 34:Borken to Merzen, Germany

Day 35:Merzen to Delmenhorst, Germany

Day 36:Delmenhorst to Neuland, Germany

Day 37:Neuland to Hamburg, Germany

Day 38:Anklam, Germany to Nowogard, Poland

Day 39:Nowogard to Szczecinek, Poland

Day 40:Szczecinek to Bytow, Poland

Day 41:Bytow to Diagcz, Poland

Day 42:Diagac to Ostroda, Poland

Day 43:Ostroda to Margowo, Poland

Day 44:Margowo to Augustow, Poland

Day 45:Augustow, Poland to Alytus, Lithuania

Day 46:Vilinus, Lithuania

Day 46:Augustow to Krakow to Debica, Poland

Day 47:Debica tp Przemysl, Poland

Day 49:Przemysl, Poland to Dobromyl, Ukraine

Day 50:Dobromyl, Ukraine to Sanok, Poland

Day 51:Sanok. Poland to Presov, Slovakia

Day 52:Presov to Kosice, Slovakia

Actual Route Route

My Actual Routing

The segments from Hamburg to Anklam (200 mi) and from Kosice to Stuttgart (700 mi) were done on trains

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