bike in box side view

bike in box front view

My Bike, ready to go into the bike box

bike in box side view

Detail on handlebar mounting

The front rack trunk contains my rain gear, my tools, two sets of pedals, tire repair stuff, a scissors for cutting my hair ;-}, and other stuff that might upset security folk if I tried to carry it on the plane. On the road it will carry the rain gear and other weather related gear - arm warmers and a vest - as well as the stuff - small tools, wallet, passport, etc. - I need along the road.

bike in box side view

Everything else for a two month tour, except my helmet, ready to be carried on the airplane

The red pannier is also a backpack. You can see the panel that converts it to a pannier mounted on the other side of the bike, below the Thermarest bag in the top poto above. The Thermarest bag also has my tent poles and stakes in it.

For the trip to Europe, the pannier/backpack is loaded with my other Ortlieb pannier, my sleeping bag, my other shoes, a small USB keyboard, and a few things I forgot to pack in the front panniers. On the road, as my rear pannier, it will carry my sleeping bag, my food (and extra water if needed) and maps, and the keyboard.

For the flight over, one pannier - the one in the backpack - is loaded with, my (Tarptent) tent and its ground cloth, bicycing supplies including a folding spare tire, and my cameras and computer equipment. The other bag has my clothing and sleeping gear - including my pillow - and a GoreTex parka in it.