Tour05 Day 21

Entering Skofja Loka from the west
That small church is on a hill just west of Skofja Loka

I'm 'home' in Slovenia at Primoz's house. This is my third visit here and it really does feel like coming home. My trips to Europe are much enhanced by visits, like this one, with people who have become my friends on earlier visits.

Leaving Postojna, crossing under the autoroute

I left Postojna about 9 AM this morning. The ride out of town went from pretty to pretty fantastic riding very quickly. Within a few km I was riding some beautiful switch backs down to the town of Planina. Gret fun and there were lots of other bicyclist and motorcyclist enjoying the road. I saw more bicyclists today than I had seen in the prior 20 days of this tour.

The road to Ziri

At Logatec, I turned off the road to Ljubljana onto a smaller road that headed north to Ziri. After a few km of pretty, but straight and flat, that road got curvy and then started climbing. I stopped to rest and eat before finishing the climb, then rode on, meeting Primoz while climbing. We visited for a while, then finished the climb and zoomed down the other side. It was about 30 km from Postojna to where we met and another 50 km to Skoja Loka.

The ride with Primoz was fast - for me ;-) - and pretty easy to Skofja Loka. We got here about 1 PM and, by 1:30 we were having lunch with Primoz:s family.

Primoz, riding ahead of me

Slovenia and Skofja Loka are beautiful and Primoz's family's hospitality cannot be bettered. It is good to be home.

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