Tour05 Day 16

Islands off the coast of Croatia

The trip up the coast from Dubrovnik to Split was pretty, but too long. I was told eight hours, but it really was about 11 hours. Most of the folks on the deck with me - there were also passengers who had paid for reclining seats and even cabins for this day trip - seemed to be heading for one of the two islands there ferry stops at along the way. They spend most of their time on board sun bathing.

A lighthouse on an island

The sight seeing was good, but with long stretches of boredom. After about there hours I struck up a conversation with a woman back packer, Amy, who was going to Hvar, the last island stop. We talked for over four hours and that definitely improved the trip.

Amy looking for Hvar city

I was surprised when I bought my ticket that the charge for the bike was bigger than the charge for me. The total, however, was reasonable, about 32 Euro. I think the ferry line sees bicycles as a good, if small, source of revenue. There were two other bicycles, besides mine, on the ferry. They didn't get off at Split, so I never met their owners.

The backpacker gangway

When I got to Split, I started out in the backpacker line to get off the ship. Then I figured that I better go down to the deck where my bke was and leave the ship with it. I later found out that that cost me about 40 Euros ;-(.

A lighthouse on a small island near Hvar

I'm at a hotel - nice, but over priced at 60 Euro - but a backpacker from Iceland who I was visiting with in the exit line for backpackers is at a room in town for 20 Euro. The local folks with rooms wait where the backpackers get off, not where bicyclists get off! Live an d learn...

The bridge just north of Dubrovnik - beautiful and interesting - part suspension

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