Day 3 Busick NC to Nashville TN by car

It was another day with no bicycling and rainy weather. This day would have been a no riding day anyway, since I needed to get to Nashville, but the pouring rain we drove in for the first half of our trip would have really dampened bicycling.

I don't have much to say about the drive, but I did, with the help of my friend who grew up here, explore a lot of Nashville. By combining what I saw today with my previous experience bicycling here, I think I could now ride through Nashville with a pretty good chance of survival <g>. My route, from the east, would be to take US 70 through the center of town and then divert onto TN 100 (going right past the start of the Natchez Trace Parkway ) and TN 96 to Dickson. Then I'd get back on US 70, at least till Jackson TN. I have ridden both ends of this route and driven all but a few mile of the middle part. It looks like the best alternative.

I also saw a lot of bike lanes north of downtown. I'm not sure who uses them since I only saw one bike rider in several hours of driving around town during prime bicycling time, but they are there and there are good routes that lead right to downtown via the Woodland St Bridge.

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