Blaze 1 W Cree LED compared to Alias 20 W halogen and Cateye 2.4 W halogen

1 watt Blaze

One watt Blaze to the left, twenty watt Alias halogen to the right

Two point four watt Cateye Halogen to the left, twenty watt Alias halogen to the right

The new Blaze 1 w LED head light is a major improvement over the old Cateye 2.4 watt halogen headlight that used to be my standard for small battery powered headlights. While not as bright as my 20 halogen headlight, it is much closer in light output to the 20 watt light than the 2.4 watt light. These images were taken using a Canon digital camera set at ASA 400 with a 2 second exposure at F8.

The Blaze was running on the two AA alkaline batteries it came with. The Cateye was runing on four AA NiMH batteries - it would have been brighter using 4 alkaline batteries. The Blaze is not quite as bright using AA NiMH batteries, but still much, much brighter than the Cateye.

The Blaze full power run time, on two batteries, is roughly twice the Cateye run time on four batteries. The Blaze low power runtime - which is the way I would normally use it - is about four times as long as the Cateye runtime.

Those Cree LEDs are amazing!