UNCA CSCI Userid and Password

UNCA CSCI Username and Password

To log into the computer science workstations, you will need a username and a password. These are not the same as your UNCA username and password.

The username

Follow the following algorithm to determine your username.

Here are examples of the usernames for a few presidents.

President username
George Washington washing
John Quincy Adams adamsjq
Martin Van Buren vanburm
James Earl Carter, Jr. carterje
George Herbert Walter Bush bushgh

The password

If you have used the Linux workstations before and have changed your password, you can ignore this section. Otherwise, to get your initial password do the following.

If Millard Fillmore had the student ID 930123456, his password would be Fill3456.

Testing it out

Start by providing the following information.

First name
Middle name
Last name
Student ID

Hopefully this is your username and password information.


What can go wrong?

The most common problem is that the password was changed in a previous semester. If you did this and can’t remember your password, you will need to ask the instructor to have your password reset.

Also, if you haven’t been enrolled in a computer science class for several years, it is possible that your earlier account have been deleted and then recreated. In this case, try to use the suggested password.

Sometimes there are problems with the rolls the department receives from the university to create accounts. If you added a bit before the start of the semester, your name may not be on the roll provided to the department. Also, there are sometimes inconsistences with the names given on the roll. For example, a middle name may be omitted from the class roll.

In any case, if you can’t connect with the username and password obtained above, talk to your instructor.

Finally, the little JavaScript programming used above doesn’t do any input validation. If you typed in weird stuff, you’ll get weird stuff back.